Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Hi everyone! Thank you to all the my loyal blog followers who have been checking in - sorry I took so long to post. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year - hope its the best yet!! Wow, I cant believe it's 2009 - does anyone else feel like 2008 was a complete blur? I'm hoping for a great 2009 but I do hope it goes by a bit slower!

So what have I been up to? Well...I had HEAPS of Christmas creations to show you back in December but that went out the window when I got caught up in the Twilight saga - if you haven't read the books do yourself a favour and get them now - However be warned once you start you cant stop and all 4 books will need to be read - you just cant get enough and have to know what will happen next. Apart from the Crosstitch (Jamie & Claire) series by Diana Gabaldon, these are the most compelling books I've ever read. If you're not into books check out the movie - its no where near as good as the book - and I think seeing it without having read the book you would miss a lot of the details - but anyway its a close second that's for sure! You can check out the film trailer here (I downloaded it onto my iPod so I can get my fix whenever I want! - yes I'm a complete addict - I know its sad!) And one other little note of warning - you will fall in love with Edward Cullen and no mortal man will ever measure up again!

Ok, that's my twilight rant. In my real life (as opposed to my fantasy world of gorgeous vampires and werewolves!!! ) I have been really busy with all the usual Christmas and New Year stuff, we've had a few short breaks away and been getting some house and yard work done. Sadly I haven't really done any crafting at all and its back to work for me tomorrow.

Thank you to all my lovely friends, customers, downlines that sent me gorgeous hand made Christmas cards - they are all beautiful.
I made some post-it note holders to send to my downlines for Christmas, here is a picture of some of them:

While I'm in catch up mode...3 lovely bloggin sisters recently gave me awards - thank you soooo much. This beautiful butterfly award from my lovely friend Mel Hanlon and from the very creative Leah Weir

And this one from Sharon at Stampin & Scrappin

Thanks again ladies for thinking of me. I'm not going to tag any other bloggers - I think everyone has already got them (cause I'm so far behind!!!!)

I'll be back with some cards to show you later

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