Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ribbon Share Club

With all the fabulous new ribbons in the new Caty I thought it was time to do another Ribbon Share Club. Here are the details...

There is 6 share clubs running, you can join 1, a few or all of them – It’s entirely up to you.
Each share club has 8 memberships. You can buy more than one membership in any club if you’d like more length of a particular type of ribbon.

The details of the 6 share clubs are as follows:

1. Taffeta 8 colours 1.1m each colour (88m) $13.60

2. 5/8” Grosgrain 8 colours 1.7m each colour (13.6m) $15.70

3. Double Stitched 6 colours 1.7m each colour (10.2m) $13.35

4. Gingham 6 colours 1.7m each colour (10.2m) $10.19

5. Striped Grosgrain 4 colours 1.1m each colour (4.4m) $7.85

6. ¼” Grosgrain 16 colours 1.7m each colour (27.2m) $23.00

ALL 6 CLUBS 48 colours 74.4m $83.69

If you join 4 or more clubs, you will receive a free gift or free postage if you’re not in my local area. Cost includes shipping from SU!, separating, packaging and delivery (if you are in my local area). Outside my local area postage will be a max of $5.
If you’d like to join the club contact me asap. Offer available for a limited time.
You can view the ribbon styles & colours on page 146 of the IB&C (click picture of catalogue at the top left of my blog if you don't have one)

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