Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How Cute...

I am one proud Mum!! Breanna had her first dance concert on the weekend and she did a fabulous job! I was terrified she would freeze or run off the stage, but she was wonderful and oh so cute...Here's a couple of pics - pretty crappy photography but you get the general idea.
Their item was called Rainbows and she is
and here with some of her mini movers group (I've pixelated the other girls faces for privacy reasons)

Isn't that just gorgeous!

Now for some other exciting news...I'm off to Sydney for a four day weekend - YAY!!!! That's great in itself, but how good is this....Day 1 -we are going to see New Moon in the Gold Class Cinema in George St, Day 2 a whole day of Stampin' Up! fun at the Sydney regional (Woo Hoo), Day 3 Pearl Jam concert and day 4 Australian Museum to see the dinosaur exhibits!!! And all this while based in a 5 star apartment in Darling Harbour with Rick, Bre and my Mum coming along as our live in babysitter. I am so lucky, and very very grateful. Cant wait!! I'll be back with pics and details sometime next week (when I have gotten over all that excitement!)


Leah said...

So very very cute!
Have a fantastic weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow she is so cute....Charlotte's concert is on the 13th December...hope she is as brave as a great weekend...sounds awesome...Love Bettina. xxx...I bet your mum will love the time away from the boys too!!

Natasha said...

SO so cute!! She's such a gem!

Anonymous said...

Breanna is so cute! OMG, she has grown up into a little Princess.Enjoy your fabulous weekend. Check out the best coffee spot for Convention for next year. Love Sharon W. TAS