Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Go Diego Go!

I'm amazed that time has flown by so fast, but my little babygirl just turned 4 - OMG!
Breanna is a HUGE Diego fan, so her birthday was all about Diego. Here's the card I made featuring said Animal Rescuer:

Here it is with the wrapping paper that inspired the card...My Husband thinks I have a problem with insisting that things co-ordinate - I don't know what he is talking about!...

I was very proud - she went for the card first and loved it!

And here is one of the gifts unwrapped - baby Jaguar of course!

And then there was the cake...she asked for a Diego rainforest adventure cake with a mountain and waterfall...this is what Rick and I came up with...pretty good I reckon...and it was a hit with all the kids - especially when they realised the rocks were chocolate!

Here's a close up of Diego and Baby Jaguar in the rescue Jeep!

And I even made some Baby Jaguar Cookies...

So all in all Breanna had a great 4th Birthday. I was still sick, but other than that it was wonderful. Urgh I really hate being sick...my little virus turned into a full blown URT Infection which is really not fun...so apart from getting through the Birthday and Easter I haven't been up to doing much...and with only 2 weeks until convention I better pull finger and make some swaps!!


Leah said...

Well done, the cake is amazing. Looks so yummy. The cards not too bad either. Hope Breanna had a great time at her party.

Natasha said...

OMG Karen! You two are absolutely amazing with what you come up with! I'm VERY impressed - can you come up for Miss Lu's birthday please? She loves Diego too (and still has a soft spot for The Wiggles). Breanna has grown into such a beautiful little girl. Hope you're feeling better soon too. We missed you on Saturday night

Karen said...

HOLY COW!! You are a super mum!!
your card and the cake are AWESOME Karen - LOVE THEM!

Yep, not long till convention eh - it will be sooooooo much fun!!


Karen said...

oops also meant to say hope your feeling better soon!

Luv K

Mel Hanlon said...

well arent you a talented lady!

Anonymous said...

WOW Karen, not only are you a talented stamper and scrapper but a great cake maker too! Well done, it looks lovely and I know (being a grandma to 2) that the kids would have loved it.

Hope you get well soon.
Dani in Katherine

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, Love your cake and card creations....you are so talented...sorry to hear you are not feeling well....looking forward to catching up at convention...Love Bettina. xxx

Anonymous said...

Great Karen. loved your card and the cake was terific, Breanna certainly loved it as well as the kids. xm