Monday, October 5, 2009

Meet The Commander

As promised here's a pic of my new big black boy... the awesome Jeep Commander...

He's so cool I'm absolutely in heaven driving this baby! He has everything that opens & shuts and can just about drive himself! Woo Hoo!!

Its a Jeep thing...You wouldn't understand! (You would Bettina. What do you think? Rick cant wait to show it off at the next Cherokee Club outing!)

On a stamping note I haven't done anything for ages but the creative bug is biting again which is a good sign! I'm going to get stuck into making some Christmas projects real soon and I have a couple of workshops coming up - nothing like a workshop to get me motivated! So check back soon and hopefully I'll have something other than my new car to show you!


Leah said...

Wow I can see why your excited. Does he have a name yet?

Karen said...

Wowsers - NICE car! lol

Glad your lovin your new toy!


Anonymous said...

Looks great Karen...I am very jealous, but I bet you won't want to take it off I bet Rick does!)..Looking forward to seeing it at next club trip (or maybe not as I will want one!!). Love Bettina. xxx